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Our Truffle XMAS BOX 4 has been designed to offer you a beautiful gift idea with truffles: you can taste slices of black summer truffle and pure white truffle cream, as well as fresh products and the best-selling truffle-based sauces.

Inside you will find:

The most precious of truffles to create a unique cream, made only with white truffle (Tuber Magnatum Pico), extra virgin olive oil and salt. It is a pure product, with no added flavorings or preservatives. We have given space to tradition, finely grinding the truffle together with extra virgin olive oil. You will have a first course that will not disappoint you. Also ideal on hot croutons.

The sliced ​​black summer truffle is especially suitable for seasoning first courses, also using the oil to further enhance the flavor of the dish. The slices of truffle can also be used to prepare a delicious omelette, just put a few slices of truffle in the pan with the eggs and cook everything together.

An excellent condiment based on extra virgin olive oil flavored with white truffle. It is a perfect condiment for any dish, such as eggs, croutons, pasta dishes or pizzas. A few drops are enough to release the scent of truffles. This oil will make your truffle dishes unique. Try it also to flavor roast meats.

The best Italian rice marries our truffle, to have a truffle risotto that will amaze you. The product is ready for cooking. For a perfect tasting it is advisable to dress with light sauces or better still with extra virgin olive oil or butter, a sprinkling of cheese at will.

All the tradition of Acqualagna in a jar: The white of Acqualagna is “our” sauce. We have re-proposed a traditional recipe, without making any changes, just like our grandparents did at home. It is used as a condiment for all truffle dishes, it is the typical sauce of truffle crostini, it is used as a base for pasta with fresh truffles and also to make tasty scallops. A pure product, without the addition of flavorings or preservatives.

The scent of the forest in a jar, a porcini and truffle cream that will inebriate your entire kitchen. The porcini mushroom and truffle cream is perfect for making croutons or on meat, an excellent dressing for a fillet or escalopes. Just add a few tablespoons to the pan once the meat is almost cooked.

The first truffle sauce produced, the oldest and most traditional recipe of our entire line of sauces. The truffle sauce is made up of black summer truffle, champignon mushrooms, black olives, extra virgin olive oil, aromatic herbs, salt and flavorings. It is recommended as a base for all truffle-based dishes, such as bruschetta, omelettes, first courses or pizzas. Also ideal for dressing escalopes or roast beef.

Soft truffle dressing with white wine vinegar and black summer truffle (small truffle flakes inside the product). Our pearls with truffles are tasty on risotto and first courses, excellent on fish and seafood, delicious on aged cheeses and perfect on raw meats (tartare) and roasts.

The refined dark chocolate of Modica (IGP) goes well with the Acqualagna truffle. An excellent combination that delights all palates, even the most demanding. We have decided to surprise you with special effects and we have produced the best TRUFFLE PRALINES, a production of high-quality pastry, all artisanal !!! The truffle will leave you a pleasant, delicate and persistent taste in the mouth, without however prevailing over the chocolate. The chocolates are perfect after a meal or as an accompaniment to coffee, bitters or fine liqueurs. The blister contains 145 g net of truffle chocolate: 6 white chocolate pralines and 6 black dark chocolate pralines; the filling is always in Modica dark chocolate.

Acacia honey with black summer truffle, a delicacy for the most demanding palates. It is excellent in combination with cheeses, in fact its sweetness and its truffle aftertaste go very well with cheeses, especially if well seasoned. We also recommend accompanying the honey with Colonnata lard or on a hot crouton, you will be delighted.

Ingredients: acacia honey, dried summer truffle (tuber aestivum vitt), flavoring.

Storage: 3 years from the date of production at room temperature.

Fresh creamy cheese with sheep’s and cow’s milk. The cheese is excellent for preparing truffle croutons, a slice of cheese on top of the bread and put everything in the oven until the cheese is melted. You can also accompany the cheese with truffle honey to make delicious appetizers.

Ingredients: pasteurized cow’s milk, pasteurized sheep’s milk, summer truffle (tuber aestivum Vitt.), Salt, rennet, selected enzymes, flavorings. Edible rind.

Storage: 4 months from packaging; keep in the fridge.

Truffle sausages made with pork and black summer truffle. It is an artisanal product and a traditional recipe. Once dried, they are put into vacuum-packed packs of 3 sausages. The weight is about 300 gr. You can serve them as an appetizer finely sliced ​​or cut into cubes, they are excellent to accompany with mature or soft cheeses or on hot bread croutons; also excellent for filling sandwiches and focaccias.

Ingredients: pork, salt, minced summer truffle, sugars: dextrose, sucrose, flavorings and spices, antioxidant. Gluten free. Lactose-free

Storage: 6 months from packaging; keep in the fridge.

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