Walnut leaf cheese

With a strong yet delicate taste, the cheese in walnut leaves is a product with a thousand facets to be discovered. Its production begins in the winter and follows very precise rules that lead to a strict seasoning that makes the pasta compact and white hides slightly spicy and flavored tones typical of nuts.

We recommend to taste the cheese in walnut leaves simply grating it to flavor the first dishes. A very versatile product that can also be used to create appetizers or combined with other cheeses to accompany numerous meat dishes. It can be enjoyed alone or with good homemade bread, also excellent with acacia honey for small appetizers. We recommend to try it in combination with our angelic pear jam and our ciauscolo.

Weight: about 420 g

Ingredients: pasteurized milk and sheep milk, salt, rennet, selected lactic ferments, inedible crust.

Storage: to be stored in the fridge at a temperature of +2C to +6C, once opened it should be consumed preferably within a maximum of nine months.

Order processing and delivery: orders are processed within 2/3 working days from their receipt; the goods are delivered in 24/48 hours, depending on the destination and the availability of couriers.

Do not miss all the typical products of the Marche region, a combination of flavors to be discovered!


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