Wild cherries jam

The wild cherries jam is one of the most characteristic and beloved products of our territory. The Visciola is very similar to a wild cherry that is often used within the Marche region for various artisanal and homemade productions in order to create tasty and delicious jams, fruit in syrup and sour cherry wine. In the area of Cantiano, the visciolo (prunus cerasus, Austera variety) grows wild and the company Morello Austera makes its products using traditional methods of processing typical of the territory that leave unchanged the nutritional and taste properties of this fruit.

The wild cherries jam is perfect for the preparation of tarts and in combination with various types of cheese. The slightly sour taste of these small wild cherries goes perfectly with the shortcrust pastry. In addition to the jam, among the products made with sour cherries, you can not miss the sour cherries in syrup and wild cherry wine.

Weight: 225 g

Ingredients: wild cherry, sugar, lemon peel

Storage: after opening, store in the refrigerator, preferably before the date indicated in the cap.

Order processing and delivery: orders are processed within 2/3 working days from their receipt; the goods are delivered in 24/48 hours, depending on the destination and the availability of couriers.


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