Dried chanterelle mushrooms

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Chanterelle mushrooms (scientific name Cantharellus cibarus, but they are also known by the term of “gallinacci”) are a tasty and delicious mushroom whose consideration has nothing to envy to the porcine. Among the most common mushrooms in nature, you can taste them all year round. With its wide and jagged cap and white and firm flesh, the golden color of the chanterelles hides an intense and characteristic scent that releases all its aromatic potential during cooking.

Thanks to its characteristics, chanterelle mushrooms are excellent mushrooms to be used in the kitchen for the most varied recipes, for example for the preparation of delicious risotto or with egg pasta or as a sauce dressing to be added to meat, scallops or roasts. Being a natural product, it is also possible to eat it as a stand-alone dish. It ‘a product to be consumed after cooking, so for proper use, before cooking we recommend to put the mushrooms to soak for about 10 minutes and then wash thoroughly with running water.

For lovers of mushrooms and flavors of the area, we recommend our dried porcini mushrooms first choice.

Weight: about 100 gr.

Ingredients: Chantarellus Cibarius and its varieties.

Storage: 12 months from packaging; store in a cool, dry place. Keep away from humid environments.

Order processing and delivery: orders are processed within 2/3 working days from their receipt; the goods are delivered in 24/48 hours, depending on the destination and the availability of couriers.

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