Olive liqueur

The olive liqueur is probably the oldest liqueur in the Marche region. According to historical documents, we know that it already existed in 1300 because it was mentioned by Dante Alighieri in the XXI canto of the Paradise of the Divine Comedy, a tercet that is now included in the label of the bottle.

Following an ancient recipe, the liqueur is obtained from the infusion of olive leaves and bark in alcohol, to which natural aromas are added, through a traditional processing process that lasts a few months. The result is a surprising liqueur that never ceases to amaze from the digestive virtues, of amber color, from the sweet balsamic taste, with a slight bitter undertone and an alcoholic gradation of 30 degrees. Very versatile, the olive liqueur can be enjoyed natural, fresh or with summer ice and even warm with a slice of lemon in winter. Also great on ice cream, crepes and cocktails.

Weight: about 700 ml

Ingredients: alcohol, sugar, leaves olive bark, natural flavors

Storage: to be stored at room temperature

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