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The best allies for your kitchen, ideal to give new life to your dishes. From appetizers to meat, from first courses to bruschetta: a promotion that will allow you to buy at an advantageous price our best truffle sauces.

Below you can choose three sauces from 180 gr:

  • Truffle Sauce

The first truffle sauce produced, the most ancient and traditional recipe of our entire line of sauces. The truffle sauce consists of summer black truffle, champignon mushrooms, black olives, extra virgin olive oil, aromatic herbs, salt and aromas. It is indicated as a base for all dishes based on truffles, such as bruschetta, omelettes, pasta dishes or pizzas. Also ideal for seasoning cutlets or roastbeef.

  • Almond, Olive and Truffle Sauce

The perfect choice for preparing croutons, both hot and cold. Known in the past as “la Rustica”, this sauce unleashes all its potential both to flavor boiled meats and to accompany bourguignonne giving a new flavor to your dishes. The delicate and tasty flavor of this sauce will win your palates.

  • White Truffle Sauce

A sauce that combines tradition and modernity, a perfect match for all dishes. The white truffle sauce is a mix of walnut mushrooms and parmesan, combined with white truffle, to give you a delicate sauce, with a unique taste. You can use this sauce to season pasta, great for making an omelet or for delicious croutons. Try it also to make cutlets, you will not regret.

  • Porcini Mushroom Sauce with Truffle

The scent of the forest in a jar, a sauce of porcini mushrooms with truffles that will inebriate all your cuisine. The truffle porcini mushroom sauce is perfect for making croutons or meat, an excellent seasoning for a fillet or for scallops. Just add a few tablespoons in the pan, once the meat is almost cooked.

  • Sauce with Cream, Cheese and Truffle

Known in the past as Royal Sauce, it is one of our best sellers, a delicate flavor that appeals to everyone, young and old. Perfect for dressing pasta or for making cutlets, it is very simple to use: just heat the product in a pan (you can add a little cooking water or broth) and skip the pasta once cooked. To make cutlets just add a few tablespoons of meat to almost complete cooking. Also excellent for making delicious bruschetta.

  • Cheese Cream with Truffle

The perfect mix of cheese and truffle to create a tasty and tasty cream. It’s produced with only local cheeses, in particular with a PDO known all over the world, namely the Casciotta of Urbino. This fusion of cheeses, together with our delicious truffle, are a perfect condiment widely used for pasta, especially for gnocchi or risotto. It is also great for making croutons or appetizers very tasty.

  • Mushroom Sauce with Truffle

Another great classic among truffle sauces, a perfect match for all dishes: mushrooms and truffles. You can use the sauce to season the pasta, great for making an omelet or for delicious croutons. A product with a unique flavor to try also to season roastbeef or to make cutlets, you will not regret.

  • Artichoke, Olive and Truffle Sauce

An excellent sauce for the preparation of croutons, both hot and cold. Known in the past as “the Tasty”, this sauce is also ideal for flavoring boiled meats or to accompany bourguignonne. To fully enjoy all its qualities, we recommend trying it also to season pasta. With its unique and distinctive flavor, this sauce is the perfect match that will amaze you every time.

  • Olive Sauce with Truffle

One of our classic sauces, made up of olives and black truffle, a traditional recipe with a unique and intense flavor. It is also excellent for the preparation of appetizers as tasty bruschetta or aperitifs. You can serve both hot and cold. Thanks to its delicate flavors it can also be tried as a seasoning for boiled meats. Its versatility makes it an excellent sauce to accompany the fondue bourguignonne.

  • Gustosa Truffle Sauce

A truly unique dressing for all lovers of gorgonzola. The sauce, in fact, is a perfect mix of sweet gorgonzola and truffle, ideal for seasoning risottos and pasta but also for making excellent croutons. A name that has not been chosen by chance: once tasted La Gustosa with truffles you can not do without it.

  • Carbonara with Truffle

A great classic such as carbonara goes well with the truffle of Acqualagna and here comes an extraordinary sauce: the carbonara with truffles. The precious black truffle together with egg, bacon and pecorino cheese (as tradition dictates) are the main ingredients of this sauce. Excellent sauce for pasta, just heat the sauce in a pan and sauté the pasta just cooked.

  • Truffle Fondue

A great and tasty mix of cheese (Leerdammer and fontina) and truffle. A delicious cream widely used for the preparation of hot croutons, but it is also a perfect dressing for pasta, especially for gnocchi or passatelli. For a correct use we recommend to heat the truffle fondue in a pan and add the pasta once cooked. You can also use it to make the classic cheese fondue with warm croutons.

  • Green Pesto with Truffle

The classic pesto alla genovese, one of the most famous pesti in the world, with the addition of our delicious black truffle. With a unique and unmistakable flavor, it is an excellent seasoning very used for pasta and bruschetta, can be served both hot and cold. A ready to use product that will give a new flavor to your dishes.

  • Red Pesto with Truffle

To the traditional pesto alla siciliana we added our truffle and we created a condiment that will inebriate your dishes: the red pesto with truffles. Composed of dried tomatoes, almonds, Parmesan cheese and truffle, our red pesto with truffle is a product is ready to use, perfect for seasoning pasta, simply heat the sauce and sauté the pasta in a pan once cooked. Also great for making croutons.

  • Red Sauce with Truffle

One of the oldest and most traditional recipes of our entire range of truffle products. Thanks to its versatility it is a perfect condiment for many typical Italian dishes, especially for pasta, polenta and risotto. A product ready to use and easy to prepare. With its unique and unmistakable ingredients and flavors, truffle sauce is also great for preparing hot bruschetta.

Storage: from the date of production at room temperature; once opened store in the fridge, covered whit oil and use in a short time.

Order processing and delivery: orders are processed within 2/3 working days from their receipt; goods are delivered in 24/48 hours, depending on the destination and the availability of the couriers.

Within our company website you can find various recipes that will give you various tips on how you can enjoy our truffle!


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