Playing cards

Piacenza playing cards (personalized with the Acqualagna Tartufi logo), a must “for the quarry that never holes”.

The article consists of 1 deck of 40 professional playing cards (size 5.1 x 9.1 cm) with cardboard box made in collaboration with DAL NEGRO for Acqualagna Tartufi.

Among the most beautiful and recognizable Italian playing cards, Piacenza cards are the most popular and known type of deck in Italy. With Piacenza cards you can play all the many traditional games, such as:

  • Briscola
  • Tresette
  • Scopa
  • Scopone scientifico
  • Sette e mezzo
  • Rubamazzo
  • Aluette
  • Cava camicia
  • Solitario
  • Asino
  • L’assassino
  • L’uomo nero
  • Dubito

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