Truffle cleaning kit

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Professional kit for cleaning truffles consists of:

Truffle slicer in olive wood with embossed Acqualagna Tartufi logo. To best decorate a truffle-based dish with thin and precise slices. Adjust the blade as tight as possible. The truffle must be finely sliced to increase the scent and aroma released. Smooth stainless steel blade, razor sharp. Quality regulator for ultra-precise cutting, with a thickness ranging.

Practical knife for cleaning truffles. Equipped with a 7 cm curved blade and a handy nylon handle, it is an accessory that can not miss in the kitchens of all truffle lovers. Ideal, above all, for the thorough cleaning of the fine white and black truffle (which are more irregular) to get into the cavities and cracks where the brush can not get.

Always handle with the utmost care and delicacy, removing small accumulations of soil without damaging the truffle. After removing the most substantial lumps of earth, clean the fresh truffle with a brush under running water gently.

Traditional 100% cotton truffle patch with Acqualagna Tartufi embroidered logo.

Our professional truffle brush (with Acqualagna Tartufi logo) for a thorough cleaning of all fresh truffles. An extra tool to brush and wash our truffle well before use, to complete our entire range of accessories. Slightly wet the brush and proceed with cleaning the fresh truffle under running water in a gentle way. Before using the professional truffle brush for the first time, rinse and clean the natural fibers with running water.

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