After you have processed your order, we prepare your parcel within 2/3 working days, after which, we send for delivery to your home (or to the address specified). 
For Corporate orders, prepare packages within 5-6 working days, because our team should verify the availability for all orders received at the same time. Our products are always available if they weren’t we will inform you and notify you as soon as the product is back in stock. 
In this section, you can see some prices. But you need to make an estimate on the cart with your shipping address. This is just an indication that does not have contractual value, because the final price depends on weight-volume purchased. Delivery and preparation (in business days) ** prices must be customized cart. 
NB: some countries are not available. If you can’t find your destination country, please contact us. 
NB2: the currency can be exchanged on the online store.

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